2020 KSFF movie collage

Jeff Rapsis is a musican from New Hampshire who regularly attends the Kansas Silent Film Festival and provides live piano accompaniment for films shown at White Concert Hall, Washburn University, Topeka. Jeff got permission from the KSFF Board of Directors to hold a LIVE "KSFF in New Hamsphire" event the evenings of Fri., Feb. 26, Sat., Feb. 27, and Sun., Feb. 28, 2021. He posted a summary of the event onto his Here's a round-up of this past weekend's 'Kansas Silent Film Festival in New Hampshire,' which included The Round-Up (1920) starring Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle and five other silent features, all with live music by me and also accompanied by hot pickles from Porubsky's Deli shipped in from Topeka, Kansas.

Here is a link to a wrap-up of the New Hampshire event , blogged and shared by Jeff: https://silentfilmlivemusic.blogspot.com/2021/03/not-in-kansas-anymore-or-at-least-this.html

Additional comments from Jeff:

We all had a great time staging our own home-brewed version of the Kansas festival, which was a lot of fun and also raised some money for the KSFF.

Thank you to everyone for letting us do this, and then for all the help that came our way: intros from Denise, pickles from Bill, logos from Carol, photos and general mayhem (in person!) from Karl. And truly everyone was with us in spirit during all three days.

We've also enjoyed the films that were posted online for this year's virtual festival. Great job by everyone who pulled this programming together and made it available to a worldwide audience. I hope it helps increase awareness and appreciation of the Kansas festival.

I will now spend the next few months skirting the edge of BDIW Syndrome ("Bobo's Drive-In Withdrawal"), which I will do my best to stave off until sometime in far-off February of 2022, when the silent film version of Brigadoon will be conjured up once again from the mists of the Kaw River...


Photos of Jeff Rapsis making music at the "KSFF in New Hampshire 2021 event:

Jeff Rapsis, masked for social distancing, as he makes music at the KSFF in New Hampshire 2021
Jeff Rasis making music in

Photos, belowe were taken by and shared by Karl Mischler. Karl regularly attends the Kansas Silent Film Festival. This year he attended, live, in New Hampshire.

THANK YOU, Jeff and Karl!


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2021 Kansas Silent Film Festival in New Hampshire:

Photos shared here were taken and provided for sharing by Karl Mischler, live on-site, at the Town Hall Theatre in Wilton, N.H.

Town Hall Theatre, Wilton, New HampshireJeff Rapsis stand in front of stage, Town Hall Theatre, Wilton, NHIndestructible 35mm projectors are still on the premises at the Town Hall Theatre, but this one is no longer in the boothConcessions, anyone? The Town Hall Theatre is known for its popcornJeff was surprised by local resident and historian Barry Otto, who had been going through the membership roster of the local chapter of the The concession stand sells regional soft drink favorite Moxie (which tastes like Dr. Pepper with an attitude).Donations to the Kansas Silent Film Festival were encouraged at the New Hampshire eventPrograms on display from previous KSFF eventsSeats filled, with "social distancing"Jeff Rapsis welcomes attendeesDuring intermission we offered a "Taste of Topeka" in the form of samples of Porubsky's hot pickles shipped from the Kansas capital.Putting out Porubsky's hot picklesBob Keckeisen, percussion, with Marvin Faulwell, theatre organReady for deployment!Simple but effective. Because the Town Hall Theatre really is in the actual town hall, there was a similar noticeboard just down the sidewalk about dog licenses.