2020 KSFF movie collage


Denise Morrison, film commentator

Live Musical Accompaniment by:
Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra, directed by Rodney Sauer
Marvin Faulwell, organ
Bob Keckeisen, percussion
Jeff Rapsis, piano
Bill Beningfield, organ

Special Guest:
Tracey Goessel is President of the Los Angeles-based Film Preservation Society, a 501(C)3 dedicated to preservation and restoration of silent films. She published The First King of Hollywood: The Life of Douglas Fairbanks in 2015.

23rd Annual Kansas Silent Film Festival, February 27 & 28, 2020

Held February 28 - 29, 2020, at White Concert Hall on the Washburn University campus, Topeka, Kansas.

Our thanks go to event photographers
Karl Mischler, Jane Bartholomew, Larry Stendebach,
Bill Shaffer, Denise Morrison, Barbara Lerma & Carol Yoho.
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Bruce Calvert, who helped run the 16mm projector at our event, has posted his review of the 2020 KSFF festival at Nitrateville.com

Lea Stans blogged at Silent•ology/Wordpress

2020 Festival Comments:

Jason Boles
—CEO, Fans Created, LLC

Kudos to you and the team on another successful festival! It was a great line-up of films and Tracey Goessel was great. I'm already looking forward to the big 25th Anniversary event next year!

Want to volunteer for 2021? Contact us at ksffvolunteer@gmail.com

Steve Richardson
—Cawker City, Kansas

I think it was the best attended Festival I can remember. (Perhaps the great weather helped a little, too). Can't wait until next year--the 25th Anniversary!

Marcy Tintera
—Regular attendee/Donor
   Lincoln, NE

The 24th Annual Festival was a great success. It was wonderful to see so many people attend Friday evening and the crowd on Saturday was almost as large. A heartfelt THANK YOU for all who participated in the planning and execution of the event this year. We're looking forward to next year...the Silver Anniversary of the Kansas Silent Film Festival.

Katherine (Katie) Pratt
—Preservation Assoicates, Inc., Los Angeles, California

I can't tell you how much of a good time I had this weekend, and I know my sister and friend, Mandy and Allison, enjoyed themselves just as much. I agree that you should feel very proud and accomplished knowing you've created something as special as the KSFF. Things like that matter far more than money and position, I've always thought, which is why I hope the Biographs turn into something similar for me. Twenty-five years from now, maybe someone will watch one—with Mary Pickford in it—and think, I'm able to watch this, in part, because of that crazy Katie Pratt! I'm still on a cloud over the fact that people were coming up, shaking my hand, and thanking me Saturday.

Jeff Rapsis
—Bedford, New Hampshire,
Silent Film Accompanist

Thank you for the opportunity to do music for the two features I was asked to accompany. I really enjoy creating music to try to help the films connect with the festival audience.
  SOUL OF THE BEAST looked better than I've ever seen it, and I loved hearing the audience react to it.
  STUDENT PRINCE IN OLD HEIDELBERG was a highlight for me and a real pleasure. The integration of the singing was a spectacular bonus that turned the screening into a special occasion. Thank you!
  I remain grateful that I'm able to contribute to the festival in this way. Doing music for silent film screenings has become an important outlet for me in general, and a craft I continue to work at. I sometimes joke that it's my therapy, but that's not entirely a joke!
  And thank you and the committee for providing accommodations during the event. It's very generous of the festival and very much appreciated.

Jim Lane
—Sacramento, California

Great seeing you and the gang again, and I had a great time, as always. I'm now wearing my KSFF ball cap with pride. Which reminds me: Upon reflection, I wish I had bought a second cap to gift to my movie-buff uncle. Please let me know how much you need and I'll send a check for another.
  Say hi to everybody. Looking forward (already) to next year!

Bruce Calvert
—Plano, Texas

I always have a good time at the festival, but I really had fun this last weekend. There more quite a few films that were new to me and Tracey was a good guest.
  If you bring John Bengtson for a guest, he needs to do a presentation during the festival, not just during the Cinema Dinner
  I am likely to be presenting my talk on vintage theater programs and the silent theater-going experience at the Library of Congress in June for Mostly Lost. I'll find out if I'm a speaker next week. I'll be happy to do it at the KSFF also.

Bob Keckeisen
—Topeka, Kansas
Percussion Accompanist

I thought this year's festival went very well. Heard lots of positive comments on the films that were screened and the diversity of subject matter, stars, Tracey's presentations, etc. Kudos to everyone who worked so hard out front and behind the scenes. Can't wait for year 25!

Jackie Gfeller
—Brock, Nebraska

The festival was AWESOME from EVERY angle! ...all 4 of us were totally delighted! You guys always do a great job, but this year had to be the best choice of movies ever. It is always good to see everyone! Once again, thank the volunteers for us for such a great job done! The welcoming smiles when you walk in the door just makes you feel so at home and sets the atmosphere for success! ...
  Kudos to you all! Given the current problems in the world today, it is such a blessing that we were able to hold the event and those great memories will hold us in good stead as we shelter out the crisis! God bless you all! Looking forward to next year!

Carla Bartunek
—Regular attendee/Donor from Texas

As far as improvements to the KSFF are concerned, my dad wants more buns at the dinner banquet. Or at least tell us one bun per person ahead of time. I would love to see the 1916 version of The Three Godfathers shown here. From what I have read, there are two silent versions of the movie both starring Harry Carey.

Rodney Sauer
—Leader of the Mont Alto Motion Picture Ochestra

A lovely festival, as usual! Travel went smoothly, and I've got a lot of book-keeping to do today.
  Thanks for taking care of all of us so well. I really do like the new Hyatt Place hotel: it had excellent rooms and very good breakfast. And thanks for bringing on the veggie options for our musicians, they were all very grateful for the consideration.
  The only comment from the musicians was that Saturday did run pretty late. I think if you do such a long feature, maybe fewer shorts before it.
  I've put next year on the calendar, Feb 27-28. Let us know details as you get ideas. Thanks again!

Kelly Cox
—Regular attendee/Donor from Prairie Village, Kansas

We enjoyed this year's festival very much. We saw all of the films, and, of course, the special presentation Saturday morning. The Speakers were a little hard to hear at times, especially Ms. Goessell. Otherwise, it was wonderful as always. The dinner Saturday night was better this year. Tell everyone good job. And be careful to wash your hands. Take care. —John and Kelley

Richard (Alex) Alexander
—Regular attendee/Donor from Topeka, Kansas

Saw all of the films and enjoyed it thoroughly. No suggestions; if it ain't broke, don't fix it. You have my support for the next run which will be the 25th.
  Many thanks for the meal inquiry. I have had that particular meal several times at the Topeka Symphony Orchestra dinners and it is a favorite of mine. Your extra effort is very much appreciated. See you for the 25th anniversary run.

Marvin Faulwell
—Organist for all of the KSFF events

You and your crew are getting very good at doing this festival. My only concern is the cost of travel. Perhaps local experts is a way to go. Denise gave me more information in five minutes on Doug and Mary than Tracey did the whole time. Have a good wrap-up meeting.

Jim Rhodes
—KSFF Co-Founder

Congratulations on another successful and well run KSFF Festival! I'm not a real silent film buff like you and Denise. The publicity was great. Would you please give my major thanks to everyone on the staff who also helped to make this possible?

Special thanks to these major donors for help with the 2020 festival:
Washburn University




link to Capital-Journal article

24th Annual Festival
— read the article published
in Topeka Capital-Journal, 2/25/2020
— also guest interview with Tracey Goessel, in Topeka Capital-Journal, 2/22/2020

Eight 2020 Videos are shared on youTube

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On-site work at Washburn University began on Wednesday when we transported stored items to White Concert Hall. Washburn's facilities staff posted banners in all four quarters of campus.
   Friday's set up included stage equipment set up, movie projection and accompaniment rehearsals. laying out displays of items for sale in the White Concert Hall lobby, including 24th Anniversary t-shirts (in green), movie jewelry, DVDs, and CDs.
   Bruce Calvert and Jim Reed brought silent film collectibles from Texas to use in a display case, and set up 16mm projection equipment for use at this occasion. Our second case displayed silent auction items. Display posters were created and displayed by Our Fearless Leader: Bill Shaffer.

A comment about weather: we had mild weather this year and offered a full day of free fun on Saturday, February 29, 2020: LEAP YEAR DAY. Our Friday evening performance entertained over 500 people. More than 250 attended Saturday's morning & afternoon events, and we had nearly 500 attendees again on Saturday night. We were pleased to complete this event PRIOR to facilities being shut down in March, due to the COVID-19 world pandemic.

Tracey Goessel, in pink, pose with husband Robert Bader by our festival posters on Friday eveningZandra Myrick sorts DVD movies to be offered for saleMelanie Lawrence sets up a display of silent film star jewelrySilent Auction items displayed in White Concert Hall lobbyMichael D. Allen, Mulvane Art Museum, helped with stanchions for projector displayStaff member Brian Sanders sets up t-shirt sales displaySet-up, with no customers...yetJane Bartholomew and Enid Stendebach hug Washburn grounds staffer Mike SershenA lobby table welcomed handouts to be set out for audience pick-up

Delivery & set-up of two antique film projectors, shared by Kenneth Filardo of Eudora, Kansas:
Projectors arrive for display set-up, delivered by Kenneth FilardoStaff roll the heaviest projector from the trailerStaff begin rolling the 600+ pound projector to White Concert HallThe projector is transported through the front doorKen begins the set-upKenneth Filardo addes reels to the projectorDisplay sign that goes with the large projectorEnid Stendebach, Marvin Faulwell and Brian Sanders help set up the projectorSimplex projector has reels attachedClear window to arch lamp space, Simplex projectorKen Filardo tweaks set-upITC Simplex, New York, USASimplex frame and shutter controlsKen Filardo reviews set-up plansKen Filardo consults with Marvin Faulwell as they set up Simplex projectorKenneth Filardo adds reels to the Simplex projectorKenneth Filardo has his Simplex Carbon Arc Lamp & Rectifer Projector ready for display to the publicEidson credit attached to the hand-cranked Kinetoscopegears and hand-crank, Edison KinetoscopeIndentification plate for Edison Projecting KinetoscopeKenneth Filardo works with his Edison Projecting KinetoscopeDenise Morrison tightens the screws on the display of a  hand-cranked Edison film projector, shared by Kenneth Filardo

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On-stage Talent Film Historian Denise Morrison introduced our films from the stage. Live music was provided this year by Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra and by Jeff Rapsis (piano), Marvin Faulwell (organ), Bob Keckeisen (percussion), and Bill Beningfield (organ). Festival director Bill Shaffer introduced the Saturday morning schedule. Karl Mischler of New York City, took event photos when not on stage running DVD projection. Guests from Texas Jim Reid and Bruce Calvert assisted the festival by running projection for several 16mm movies shown on film. Our special guest was Tracey Goessel, film historian and author. She introduced several short movies directed by D. W. Griffith and newly restored from paper copies of each film frame. She also spoke at our Cinema Dinner about the silent film career of Douglas Fairbanks, signed copies of her biography of Fairbanks, The First King of Hollywood: The Life of Douglas Fairbanks, and introduced Saturday evening's showing of Robin Hood, starring Douglas Fairbanks.

Friday night's audience began to arrive, including lots of kids in the front row Jeff Rapsis, Rodney Sauer, Denise Morrison and Tracey Goessel got front row seats16mm projectors were set up at the front of balcony seatingBruce Calvert and Jim Reid were on film projectionistsFilm historian Denise Morrison welcomed the Friday night crowdSpecial guest Tracey Goessel explained the work put into restoring early movies directed by D.W. Griffith and how our audience were the first viewers, internationally, to see these restored short subjectsJeff Rapsis provided piano accompaniment for A Smoked Husband, a restored D.W. Griffith short subject movieA Smoked Husband, accompanied by Jeff Rapsis on pianoMarvin Faulwell accompanied Harold Lloyd in the feature movie Why Worry?Screen and theatre organ, played by Marvin FaulwellHarold Lloyd on the screen, with musical accompaniment by Marvin FaulwellJohn Aasen, a giant sideshow performer, co-starred with Harold Lloyd in Why Worry?Marvin Faulwell takes a bow at the pipe organ after accompanying Why Worry?Mr. Jones at the Ball is a 1908 restored short subject directed by D.W. GriffithBill Beningfield accompanied Mr. Jones at the Ball on pipe organ Marvin Faulwell, organ, and Bob Keckeisen, percussionUnderworld starred George Bancroft as a gangster Bull WeedMarvin Faulwell, pipe organ, and Bob Keckeisen, percussio, take a bow after their performanceLaurel & Hardy starred in We Faw Down, accompanied by Bob Keckeisen, percussion, and Marvin Faulwell, pipe organTracey Goessel introduced Douglas Fairbanks in Robin Hood Katie Pratt stood onstage as Tracey Goessel explained how Katte restored D.W. Griffiths early films from individual paper copies of movie framesTracy Goessel introduces Robin Hood as Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra prepares to accompany the showingMont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra accompanies Robin Hoodcello playerMont Alto accompanies Roscoe Arbuckle in Leap YearMont Alto takes a bow after their evening performance

Rehearsals make things happen:

A memorable event: On Saturday afternoon a group of male volunteers among our KSFF event staff volunteered to sing a German drinking song to enhance a party-scene in the showing of The Student Prince in Old Heidelberg (1927), starring Ramon Novarro. They practiced the evening before and backstage prior the movie showing. The singing matched what was happening on the screen and worked well. The sad part is that they came back onstage at the ending of the movie, but we could not get the manager of lighting controls to turn up the light so the audience could see those who had participated in the dark. Luckily, the guys had another chance to take the stage and take a lighted bow before the end of the afternoon session. Male chorus singers included Bill Shaffer, Brian Sanders, Ragen Murray, Karl Mischler, Marvin Faulwell, Bill Beningfield, Larry Stendebach, Rodney Sauer and Bob Keckeisen. Singing, leading and accompanying the group was Jeff Rapsis.

Final musican bows for Jeff Rapsis, Ben Model, Marvin Faulwell, Bill Beningfield and Bob KeckeisenChorus practices in the rehearsal room around the piano, with Jeff Rapsis accompanyingChorus wears their KSFF ball caps as they rehearse again, backstageJeff Rapsis leads the chorus, accompanies and sings alongChorus onstage during their performance in front of the screening of The Student Prince in Old Heidelberg

YouTube video: KSFF Male Chorus (2020 performance)
Facebook video: KSFF Male Chorus Curtain Call
(WITH LIGHTS!), by Mark Wickersham

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Lobby Activity Chatting, shopping, relaxing and sharing took place in the lobby of White Concert Hall, Washburn University, Topeka, Kansas. Special thanks to Melanie Lawrence and Zandra Myrick for arranging tables, overseeing sales, and managing volunteer services. Steadfast fans attending yearly make planning and presenting each Kansas Silent Film Festival worth the work. We extend our thanks to the many fans from Kansas and states north, south, east and west across the U.S.
All are welcome!

Fair weather, on the edge of the arrival of spring, helped bring attendees to White Concert HallLobby as the sun was shining in from the westLouise Langberg attended from St. Paul, MNLoved this gentleman's suit, tie and glassesThis young lady had a nifty purse Marilyn Schroeder, Katherine Greeding and Barbara LermaPhil Figgs attended from Sabetha, KS. He provided piano accompaniment for our festival for many years.Phil Figgs with KSFF president Bill ShafferLarry Stendebach took this selfie with Phil FiggsLarry Stendebach took this selfie with Barbara LermaLarry Stendebach took this selfie with special guest Tracey GoesselRobert Bader, Tracey Goessel, Katie Pratt and Allison Wendy Mahaffey, Kelly J Kitchens Wickersham and Mark WickershamJohn Kelso of Wichita could not attend the 2020 festival, but mailed us this Robin Hood poster to display in the lobby. Thank you, John!Attendees peruse the Silent Auction display caseKenneth Filardo shared details about the Simplex Carbon Arc Lamp & Rectifer Projector he'd brought to our event Harold Lloyd's movie Why Worry? was shown on Friday evening2020 green KSFF t-shirts and gray baseball caps were available for purchaseLong line on photo left waited for Tracey Goessel to sign copies of her biography of Douglas FairbanksRobert Bader came from Los Angeles with his wife, Tracey GoesselAttendees shop for silent film DVDsJane Bartholomew, Kelly J Kitchens Wickersham and Wendy MahaffeyJane Bartholomew, Keith Goering and Louise LangbergJane Bartholomew and Robin GandyJane Bartholomew and J.B. KaufmanSimplex Carbon Arc Lamp & Rectifer Projector on displayVolunteers help attendees purchase DVDsVolunteer mans the silent film stars jewelry and magnets collection of merchandiseJane Bartholomew plans a selfie with Denise Morrison and Tracey GoeseelCarla Bartunek wears a checkered coatLaurel and Hardy necktieCharlie Chaplin necktieAfternoon in White Concert Hall lobbyKenneth Filardo (in blue jacket) talks with attendees about the projector he brought to shareEvening in the lobby of White Concert Hall

Goessel Booksigning:

During Saturday afternoon break our special guest, Tracey Goessel, signed copies of her book in the lobby, and SOLD OUT of both hard-cover and paperback versions of The First King of Hollywood: The Life of Douglas Fairbanks.

(L to R) Larry Stendebach, Jane Bartholomew and Tracey Goessel. Behind the group is Karl Mischler.Tracey GoesselTracey Goessel talks with book-buyerBook buyers line up to get Tracey Goessel to sign copies of the books they've purchasedTracey Goessel and Wendy MahaffeyTracey GoesselTracey Goessel speaks with book buyer first in hineTom and JaneTracey Goessel holds a copy of her printed biography of Douglas FairbanksJane Bartholomew and Tracey Goessel wear greet KSFF t-shirsts while Karl Meschler takes a photograph

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12th Annual Cinema Dinner At this twelvth annual Cinema Dinner attendees enjoyed good food, conversation and a few door prize give-aways. Music was performed by harpist Erin Wood. Special guest was film historian Tracey Goessel, who spoke after dinner about "The First King of Hollywood: The Life of Douglas Fairbanks." The event was well attended. Our space was full, with fans scurrying across the street from the White Concert Hall lobby—very convenient. The festival committee appreciates the support of attendees of each festival's Cincema Dinner!

Harp music by Erin Wood, harpistSun sets just west of Bradbury Thompson CenterTable decorations reflect our focus on showing filmsHostess Melanie Lawrence, dressed for the new '20s decade Marilyn Schroeder, Katherine Greeding and Barbara Lerma (L-R)Barbara Lerma, Bill Shaffer and Keith GoeringKarl Mischler and a flashy bow tieCarol Yoho and Marvin FaulwellDon Bishop and Betty HansonTexas crew (L-R) includes Jim Reid (2020 KSFF film projectionist), Carl Adkins (first timer), Kelly Kitchens and her husband, Mark Wickersham (regular attendees) At table are (L-R) Bruce Calvert (our KSFF memorabilia guy), Lea Stans (first timer) and Wendy Mahaffey (regular KSFF attendee)Table occupants await their turn at the buffet CTable occupants await their turn at the buffet D In pink is Tracey Goessel. Alt her right is Bill Beningfield, musical accompanist to several films shown at the festivalBanquet foods are laid outSaladPotatoesMixed VegetablesOne individual's servingLined up to get our mealJeff Rapsis enjoys his desertAllison, Kathy Pratt, Tracey Goessel and Kathy's sister, MandyPoster for PBS's movie The Chaperone and image from Charlie Chaplin's The Kid, co-starring Jackie CooganKSFF president Bill Shaffer welcomes all banquet guestsDoor prize winnerKarl Mischler plans to grab a great photo of the banquet crowdAttendees prepare to hear Tracey Goessel speak after dinnerTracey sets up her laptop to work with a projector untiBill Shaffer thanks banquet attendees for their support of our 24th annual festival and 12th annual banquetBill Shaffer introduces Tracey Goessel, our banquet's guest speakerTracy Goessel introduces her evening's topic on the life and movie career of Douglas FairbanksTracey's presentation is technically attended by co-worker Kathy PrattKathy Pratt aids Tracey Goessel with image projectionSlide: Doug in ActionSlide: TechnicolorTracey entertains the crowd with her lecture on Douglas Fairbanks and his career in silent filmListerners AListerners BNancy and daughter, Melanie, prepare to cross the street to join Saturday evening festivities at White Concert Hall

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Staff Staff devoted their time and efforts for the 2020 24th Annual Kansas Silent Film Festival. The KSFF board members included Denise Morrison, Bill Shaffer, Jane Bartholomew, Zandra Myrick, Carol Yoho, Melanie Lawrence, Nancy Lawrence, Brian Sanders and Ragen Murray. Help coming from out-of-state includes Karl Mischler, Larry & Enid Stendebach, Bruce Calvert, and Jim Reid (driving from Texas). Special thanks go to Washburn employees Brock Martin (manager of White Concert Hall) and Washburn maintenance staff (especially Mike Sershen and Michael D. Allen). We depend on the talents of our musicians Marvin Faulwell, Bill Beningfield, Bob Kecksisen, and Jeff Rapsis. Muscians flying to Kansas from other states included Jeff Rapsis (from New Hampshire) and the five members of Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra (from Colorado, managed by Rodney Sauer). We also extend special thanks to our festival initiator Jim Rhodes. Many thanks to our dedicated staff and assistants!

Denise Morrison, Jane Bartholomew and Enid Stendebach help run lobby slaes(L to R) Melanie Lawrence, Zandra Myrick, Denise Morrison, Jane Bartholomew, Brian Sanders and Marvin Faulwell are all staff membersLarry Stendebach, Karl Mischler, Mike Sershen and Zandra MyrickLarry Stendebach and Mike SershenKSFF president Bill Shaffer, in gray ballcap, speaks with attendeesRodney Sauer, manager of Mont Alto Motion Picture OrchestraMusician Rodney Sauer with Jeff Rapsis, piano accompanistMarvin Faulwell, organist, wears his keyboard necktie>Bill Shaffer and Rodney SauerCarol Yoho with Herb Miller, who'd just celebrated his 95th birthday!Festival founder Jim Rhodes, retired from the Topeka and Shawnee County Public LibraryMelanie Lawrence, with her drinking cupFilm historian Denise Morrison gives founder Jim Rhodes a big hugBill Beningfield rehurses his organ accompaniment on the White Concert Hall pipe organJeff Rapsis, in Kansas from New Hampshire, warms up onstage at the grand pianoPianist Jeff Rapsis with percussionist Bob KeckeisenKarl Mischler and Bill Shaffer stand ready to tweak movie projection as Marvin Faulwell practices on the pipe organ as Bill Beningfield turns pages for Marvin's Friday night Overture presentaionMarvin Faulwell finds SOMETHING to be VERY FUNNY! Karl Mischler stands ready to serve in any capacity needed at this 24th Annual KSFFNancy Lawrence managed meals for our volunteers and staff, cooking many items herself to bring and serveStaff members and volunteers have lunch backstage on Friday afternoonImportant, dependable staff guys include Karl Michler, Bill Shaffer, Brian Sanders and Larry StendebachMarvin Faulwell and Carol YohoKarl Michler and Rodney Sauer, director of Mont Alto Motion Picture OrchestraStaff regulars Larry Stendebach, Enid Stendebach, Jane Bartholomew and Melanie Lawrence Onstage rehursal by Marvin Faulwell, with Bill Beningfield turning pages of sheet music

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Volunteers Zandra Myrick is our Board of Directors Volunteer Chair. Zandra and the entire board would like to thank this year's volunteers who helped our staff by answering questions, selling merchandise, counting attendance arrivals, greeting fans and passing out programs. Volunteers in 2020 included: Yvonne Channel, Dave Greim, Alex Grimes, Katie Hampton, Will Hartner, Eriko Hiranoi, Nate Lorenzen, Melanie Lawrence, Zandra Myrick, AJ Pfamatter, Dustin Pfamatter, Colin Roust, Westin Smith, Enid Stendebach, Kathy Woods, Jayne Baggs Varney, and Jennifer Yi. —Thank you, 2020 KSFF volunteers!

Dave Greim is seated, left, with Melanie Lawrence, standing, plus Colin Roust (right, seated)Zandra, seated left, with Dustin Pfamatter, standing, and AJ Pfamatter, seated rightZandra (left) with volunteers Eriko Hiranoi and Colin RoustSaturday volunteers Will Hartner and Westin Smith manage sales tablesWe very much appreciated our Saturday volunteers. Shown here are Katie Hampton, Will Hartner and Westin SmithStanding is Dave Greim with Enid Stendebach. Seated are Katie Hampton, left, and Westin Smith, rightVolunteer Dave Grein sits left here with Melanie Lawrence and Bill Shaffer

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KSFF 2020
On Friday morning KSFF musical guests, members of Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra, appeared live on KANU Public Radio in Lawrence, KS. KSFF, Inc. president Bill Shaffer was also at hand. Our thanks go to KANU for taking the time to help us promote the 24th annual festival!

On Friday afternoon our special guest, Tracey Goessel, appeared with KSFF, Inc. president Bill Shaffer, and film historian Denise Morrison, at WIBW Channel 13 live television in Topeka, KS. This local live program is known as "On the Red Couch." The program's host was Ralph Hipp. Red Counch event photos were taken by festival photographer Karl E. Mischler Jr., in Kansas from New York City.

Signs in Topeka: Billboard, 17th & Wanamaker, & Jayhawk Theatre marquee.
Billboard at 17th St. and Wamaker RoadAdvertising on Jayhawk Theatre billboard

On WIBW, Channel 13, Topeka: "On the Red Couch"
Bill Shaffer, Denise Morrison, and Tracey Goessel converse at WIBW with Ralph HippBill Shaffer, Denise Morrison, and Tracey Goessel converse at WIBW with Ralph Hipp 2Bill Shaffer, Denise Morrison, and Tracey Goessel converse at WIBW with Ralph Hipp 3

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Meals on-the-go The many out-of-town guests, talent and helpers for this event meet early and late for special meals as they organized, set-up and, later, took down equipment, displayed items and merchandise made available for this event. Our thanks to all talent and helpers for their efforts and comradery. Staff often meets for supper at Blind Tiger Brewery in south Topeka. A favorite eating spot on Friday Set-up Day is Topeka's Bobo's Drive-in. Space is limited, but burgers, shakes, fries, onion rings and pie are yummy!

Group photo at Blind Tiger BreweryTable 1, Blind TigerTable 2, Blind Tiger, seats the Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra performersTable 3, Blind TigerBreakfast buffet at Hyatt Place Motel with Karl Mischler, Enid Stendebach and Dave GreimMarvin, Carl and KarlBobo Drive-In outdoors, lunch hour on ThursdayBobo parkingBobo entranceBobo kitchen staffBurger, onion rings and floatCaramel floatLarry and Enid Stendebach with Denise MorrisonMarvin Faulwell and Carol YohoLunch counter, Bobo's, filled mostly with KSFF StaffLunch in the rehearsal room, backstage White Concert HallMarvin squeezes out the door after lunchBrian Sanders and Jane Bartholomew at Bobo Drive-inKarl Mischler and Carla Jo Bartuneks at Bobo'sBill Shaffer and Robert Bader pose behind Tracey Goessel at Bobo Drive-inPatty Ringgenberg at Bobo'sWarm, tasty cinnamon rolls were baked and delivered backstage at White Concert Hall by Roberta Perron DotyCapitol Plaza breakfast with Mark Wickersham, Karl Mischler, Denise Morrison, Kelly J. Kitchen Wickersham and Bill Shaffer, among many others not shown hereCrow in web parking upon leaving Capitol Plaza Hotel

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Standard procedure is to clean up and haul everything away on Sunday after each festival. Weather continued to be mild, giving us hope that spring was on its way. We pulled everything together into the lobby of White Concert Hall, then used various vehicles to take it away. Much is stored in a rented storage unit at the edge of Topeka. This year we put away new silent-movie-star potential cut-outs made recemtly for use on the stage for the 2020 KSFF. Old cut-outs got ripped apart and, sadly, were tossed away. That is the reality of life...but silent stars live in our hearts and will be back in fresh form for the 2021 25th Annual Kansas Silent Film Festival.

PLEASE NOTE: We were pleased to have our festival for 2020 OVER before COVID-19 virus treats shut down Topeka, Kansas, the United States and the World. We are hunkered in place, with dear memories of the successful 2020 event and visiting face-to-face with our dear silent-movie-loving friends.
Hope to see eveyone -- plus MORE -- next February!

New cut-outs that have not yet been cut, but were used to decorated the stage at White Concert HallKarl Mischler and Brian Sanders did the scary part of taking down the KSFF banner outside of the concert hallKarie stands in the room once used by the Kansas Supreme CourtBill Shaffer helped unload a truck borrowed to move itemsStaff discuss interior arrangements at the storage unitJane Bartholomew is asked to put back the Buster Keaton cut-out. It can be cleaned and reused.Female staff members line up and stand at attentionFalse domeWe close the door and our 24th successful Kansas Silent Film FestivalStan isn't happy about being dismembered and sent to the trash

More Fun:

Before leaving the storage facility our staff had a brief, fun time tossing around a giant frisbee!

Frisbee-throwing with Bill ShafferFrisbee-throwing with Brian SandersFrisbee needed to be rescued when it landed outside the locked gateFrisbee-throwing with Jane Bartholomew and Karl MischlerJane Bartholomew takes one last toss

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