20th Anniversary Kansas Silent Film Festival, 2016


Denise Morrison, film commentator

Live Musical Accompaniment by:
Marvin Faulwell, organ
Bob Keckeisen, percussion
Jeff Rapsis, piano
Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra

Special Guest:
David Shepard, film preservationalist
20th Annual Kansas Silent Film Festival, February 25 to 27, 2016

Held February 25 - 27, 2016, at Jayhawk Theatre, downtown Topeka, and at White Concert Hall on the Washburn University campus, Topeka, Kansas.

Our thanks go to event photographers
Larry/Enid Stendebach, Karl Mischler, Jane Bartholomew,
& Carol Yoho.
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2016 Festival Comments:

Marge & Barney Heeney —Topeka, KS:

   Thanks for an entertaining and fun time with film.
   Great to see Phil Figgs. You all have worked hard to give us an education and a bit of fun.
   Really enjoyed the dinner. Our table guests (were) so interesting. Admiringly, Marge (Barney joins me)

Carla Bartunek
—Irving, Texas:
March 6, 2016
   Thank you for this year's outstanding Kansas Silent Film Festival!
   I will never forget your hospitality, the company, movies, music, and food were all fantastic! I am looking forward to next year's program.
Sincerely, Carla Jo Bartunek

Jeff Rapsis
—Bedford, New Hampshire

   I thought the Jayhawk was a unique way to mark the 20th anniversary, and it was terrific to finally see and be in the theater. But until the place is more fitted out and more audience-friendly (and less labor-intense for the crew), I wouldn't recommend it as a regular venue.
   If the dinner is discussed, I would vote in favor of buffet rather than sit-down. Why? Because a lot of great back-and-forth takes place in the chow line and I kind of missed that. It brings people together and makes it more of a shared experience, I think.
   That's all I got. Overall, really enjoyed this year's edition and—oh my god, less than 50 weeks until the next one!
Jeff R.

Herb Miller
—Kansas City

   You mentioned how I enjoyed this year's festival, and I never fail to enjoy each day, every minute each year!    I realize everyone, volunteers and scheduled events take enormous time, dedication and effort, and I admire everyone's participation tremendously.
   BTW, small films, with personal or character development-many foreign-are favorites throughout my years past. Aside from a POTEMKIN or METROPOLIS now and then, I would very much enjoy a noted foreign film, added to your festival.    COHENS & KELLYS were of particular interest this year, with a story-line SO familiar because of sit-coms I've leased to television, during my film syndication career. (Carroll O'Connor's successful half-hour in
   GRIBICHE was a charming vehicle with proper conclusion, and the delightful Ronald Colman in my favorite BEAU GESTE---how might anyone not enjoy this unusual tale? Unfortunately, I cannot recall the last time I may have seen Clara Bow with IT, but I could not make it for the Thursday screening.    I'm hopeful something more practical might be accomplished in the future with JAYHAWK Theatre. And, as a long-time documentary enthusiast I was delighted to see the inclusion either at the beginning or inserted within the two day period!
   Additionally, live accompaniment with your established regulars is forever a delight each year at your SILENT FILM ANNUAL FESTIVAL! Warm wishes...

Special thanks to these major donors for help with the 2016 festival:
Washburn University



20th Annual Festival Honored
an article published in the Summer 2016 issue of Silent Film Quarterly, by Carrie Pomeroy

Jayhawk Event Special for our 20th Anniversary event: on Thursday, Feb. 25, a special ticketed event in cooperation with the Jayhawk Theatre with limited seating of 120 seats. The evening included treats, tours of the theater, and showings of Charlie Chaplin's The Immigrant and Clara Bow in It. All Jayhawk Theatre photos are taken by Karl Mischler. Thank you, Karl!

onstage, Jayhawk Theatre, building screenKarl, Carol, Marvin, Gary and Bill help raise the screen at the JayhawkCarol, Marvin, Regan and Carl at the side of the projection screen, ready to raise itRaised screenTrevor and Brittany show their 20th Anniversary program cover20th Anniversary t-shirt on displayPoster is Clara Bow in IT.Supporter begin arrivingJeff Rapsis and Bob Keckeisen show "the bell"Richary Every mans the projectorFrom top of balcony, Richard Every at the projectorcookies are availableJeff Rapsis AJeff Rapsis AMusican talent is Bob Keckeisen, Marvin Faulwell and Jeff RapsisThe long hallway AThe long hallway BBarbara Lerma checks in with Jane BartholomewJane and Cookie are glad to see each otherBill Shaffer leads a theater tourBill and tour group in the houseBill and tour group move aheadAdmiring the theater lobbyBill points out the concession standJayhawk volunteers occupy the concession standBill and tour group in the balcony hallwayBill and tour group stand in the balcony area ABill and tour group stand in the balcony area BStage from the houseback into the long hallwayBackstage antiqueOur limited seating was SOLD OUT.Bill Shaffer introduces the evening presentationJeff Rapsis at the keyboardDenise Morrison introduces Thursday evening's filmsSpace with the house lights downDuring showing of Chaplin in The ImmigrantJeff Rapsis at the keyboardMarvin Faulwell at the organ, with Bob Keckeisen on percussionBob Keckeisen with his drums and orther percussion instruments
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Washburn Set-up On-site work at Washburn University began on Friday afternoon. Beautiful weather added to the enthusiasm! Our staff came from Topeka as well as from other spots in Kansas and all over the nation to help us out...as is usual. Sales items included 20th Anniversary t-shirts, movie jewelry, books, films, DVD, CDs and more. We also set up several display tables of silent film collectibles, brought from Texas by fans Bruce Calvert and Jim Reid. Also displayed were early festival posters loaned to us by John Kelso of Wichita, KS.

20th Anniversary of Kansas Silent Film Festival20th Anniversary t-shirts were blue. Maroon t-shirt was from 2015 and sold as bargains.Early Kansas Film Festival posters loans by John Kelso.Books on silnet film and silent film stars for saleCopies of silent movies for saleBob Keckeisen hauls in his percussion equipment.Bill Shaffer and Karl Mischler set up DVD projector while others set the stageEnid, Trevor and Brittany help outStaffers in the process of setting upOrganist Marvin Faulwell and projectionist Richard Every take a lobby lounge break

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On-stage Talent Film Historian Denise Morrison introduced our films from the stage. Live music was provided this year by Jeff Rapsis (piano), Marvin Faulwell (organ), Bob Keckeisen (percussion), and The Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra, from Boulder, Colorado. Rodney Sauer of Mont Alt played piano solo for some showings, and Rodney's wife joined Mont Alto onstage as percussionist for Friday evening's showing of The Thief of Bagdad. Joining us as Special Guest for our 20th Anniversary was internationally admired film preservationist David Shepard, returning to the festival for his third visit in twenty years! Festival director Bill Shaffer introduced Saturday morning schedule. Bill and Karl Mischler of New York City, were seen often onstage as they ran occassional DVD projection.

Rodney Sauer at the grand pianoMont Alto tunes upRodney Sauer and Mont AltoDenise Morrison introduces Friday evening moviesMont Alto plays overtureBill Shaffer introduces Saturday morning documentaryDenis Morrison introduces Saturday filmsJeff Rapsis takes a Saturday afternoon bow after playing for Battleship PotemkinMarvin Faulwell and Bob Keckeisen play for The Cohens and the Kellys Bob and MarvinDavid Shepard introduces Films Albatros movie Gribiche Denise Morrison introduces Saturday evening faireMarvin takes a bow after playing for Cops on Saturday eveningMont Alto takes a bow on Saturday evening Mont Alto takes a bow on Saturday evening BMusicians take a bow on Saturday evening Bows BMore bowsMont Alto's cello warms upMarvin Faulwell plays for The Cohens and The KellysMarvin heads center-stage for a bowMarvin takes a bow at center stageMont Alto in actionMrs. Sauer played percussion for The Thief of BagdadDuring performance, The Thief of BagdadMont Alto bows AMont Alto bows BMont Alto bows CMrs. Sauer onstageMont Alto bows DRodney at the microphone
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The House In the concert hall Richard Every served as 16mm film projectionist. Lyle Waring is on Washburn University music department staff as Facility Technician II. He runs the concert hall and helps in every way with on-stage setup, sound and lighting for the entire duration of our festival. Trevor Jost , his betrothed, Brittany, and Karl Mischler helped Bill Shaffer with stage work also.

Karl Michler enters the stageDenise presents while Mont Alto awaits performingFilm projectionist Richard Every checks a film reelRichard on the jobDavid Shepard, right, chats with two fans about his role in film preservationKarl onstage managing the DVD projectorDenise addresses the crowdJeff Rapsis plays an overtureMrs. Sauer chats with Jim Rhodes and Richard Every Saturday evening attendeesProjected image from beginning of Beau GesteBeau Geste battle scene with accompaniment by Mont AltoWashburn staffer, Lylie Werner watches house activity from his booth at the top of the balcony

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Lobby Activity Chatting, shopping, relaxing and sharing in the lobby of White Concert Hall, Washburn University, Topeka, Kansas. Our thanks go to P.T.'s Coffee House. They furnished hot coffee all day on Saturday. Of special interest was our 20th Anniversary cake-and-punch celebration in mid-afternoon on Saturday. Special thanks to Marj and Reagan Murray for making party arrangements!
— Our thanks to John Kelso, Bill Shaffer, Bruce Calvert and Jim Reid for lobby display items!
— We were pleased to have two 4-month-old babies among our attendees! They'll look quite a bit older in another 20 years, yes?

Early KSFF postersBacklit Chaplin posterBacklit Fairbanks posterBacklit Sea Hawk posterBacklite posters show up nicely at nightChaplin poster with baby-guestJewelry display AJewelry display BJewelry display CWhich program is easier to read? Jane votes for BLUE.Exiting house at noon on SaturdayEnjoying the display tableDisplay table ADisplay table BDisplay table CDisplay table DDisplay table EDisplay table FLobby view from the balconyWarm, sunny Saturday afternoonJane greets Keckeisen's, Saturday eveningAttendees gather and visit in lower lobbyBrittany hands out programs, Friday nightJohn and Marty arrive, Friday nightChatting and networkingSales tables and friendsShopping20th Anniversary KSFF cakeParty punchLine for cakeDishing up cakeDavid Shepard enjoys KSFF 20th Anniversary cake and punchLooking outside on a lovely afternoonLooking in from outside during Saturday's 20th Anniversary celebration

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8th Annual Cinema Dinner At this eighth annual Cinema Dinner attendees enjoyed good food, door prize give-aways. Special guest David Shepard spoke about "All About Films Albatros" —a Russian/French silent film production company. The event was well attended, with fans scurrying just across the street from the White Concert Hall lobby—very convenient. The festival committee appreaciates the support of attendees of each festival's Cincema Dinner!

Brittany and Trevor arrive at dinnerThe KeckeisensThe Sauers Supporters come to dinnerA KSFF mug for each participantdessertTables set prior to arrival of dinersMusic by Alexandra Kovach, harpist Alexandra Kovach, harpistNancy and Melanie LawrenceDinner starts as sun setsEvening sun's last raysKSFF President Bill Shaffer greets guestsKarl Mischler and his serious cameraBarney and Marge HeeneyTable nearest the mantelGuests are servedHead tabe with Mont AltoHead table with Special GuestsHead table with long-time KSFF staff and spousesDining table ADining table BDining table CDining table DDining table EDining table FDining table GBill introduces evening's speakersCrowd after sun has setJim Rhodes speaks of founding KSFF 20 years agoJane Bartholomew helps Bill draw numbers of door prize winnersBook give-awayApplauding door prize winnerJim Rhodes wins oneKarl Mischler captures photos of winnersDavid Shepard congratulates new firend on his 16th birthdayBirthday honors ABirthday honors BBirthday honors CBirthday honors DDavid Shepard's talk beginsAblatros film AAblatros film BAblatros film CAblatros film DCrossing the street to White Concert HallClimibing steps, White Concert Hall

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Fans Steadfast fans make planning and presenting each Kansas Silent Film Festival worth the work. This year we were pleased to have good attendance helped, in part, by extraordinarily mild weather. We extend our thanks to the many fans from Kansas and states north, south, east and west as far as both coasts and nation's northern and southern borders. All are welcome!

One of two 4-month-old attendees, here with parentsJeff and Cherrie HelmsChecking out the handouts table___ takes a photo of David Shepard with ___'s dadSunny afternoonJim and BruceLouise LangbergCookie greets Phil Figgs, visiting from SenecaRobin, Larry, Enid and PhilConversation with Phil and Bill AConversation with Phil and Bill BConversation with Phil and Bill CConversation with Phil and Bill DBill Shaffer greats guests Chat, with Keith Goering, centerJohn and MartyJohn and Marty 2Lobby card____ and his dadTrevor and Brittany BlairBill Shaffer chats with guiests ABill Shaffer chats with guiests BJune Windscheffel enjoys birthday cakeLarry Stendebach and Patty Ringgenberg____ shows David his movie camera A____ shows David his movie camera B____ demonstrates his movie camera
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Weather Did we mention that 2016 weather was PERFECT, with a high of 64 degrees?
Well...the weather was PERFECT!

View of White Concert HallAttendees have their cake outdoorsCookie Langberg sits with Herb Miller, who recently celebrated his 90th birthdayA family enjoys an outdoor break from moviesClear and mild as the sun sets on FridayRobin just outside White Concert Hall on Saturday morningOutdoor garden in mild weather for February Sun in the west, behind Bradbury Thompson Alumni CenterWest campus at dusk on SaturdaySeen west of campus on festival weekend

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Staff Staff devoting their time and efforts for the 2016 20th Annual Kansas Silent Film Festival were Denise Morrison, Bill Shaffer, Jane Bartholomew, Karl Mischler, Trevor Jost & Brittany Blair, Larry & Enid Stendebach, Richard Every, Lyle Waring, Mike Sershen of Washburn maintenance staff, Jim Rhodes, Marvin Faulwell, Jeff & Susan Rapsis, Carol Yoho, Melanie Lawrence, Nancy Lawrence, Marj and Ragen Murray, Bruce Calvert and Jim Reid. Special thanks for the help and support of festival co-originator Jim Rhodes! Many thanks to our dedicated staff and assistants!

Bill Shaffer waits onstageRichard Every mans the projectorMarvin Faulwell with Jim RhodesMelanie Lawrence with Marvin FaulwellBobk Keckeisen, festival percussionist, on breakNancy LawrenceMelanie LawrenceMike Sershen, Washburn maintenance staffRichard Every near the projectorEnid and Larry Stendebach Jane Bartholomew with Phil Figgs and Robin FiggsMike SershenKarl Mischler with Denise MorrisonEnid and Jane blinded by afternoon sunLyle Waring, in his "environ"Karl Mischler with his camera and his kiltKSFF co-organizer Jim RhodesJim Rhodes chats in the lobbyCarol Yoho, Louise Louise Langberg and Phil FiggsMelanie, Karl, Bill, Nancy and JaneRegan Murray, Karl Mischler, Susan Rapsis, Jeff Rapsis and Marvin FaulwellTrevor Jost and Brittany BlairKarl Mischler and David ShepardJane Bartholomew, Richard Every and Enid

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Volunteers Melanie Lawrence is our Board of Directors Volunteer Chair. Melanie and the entire board would like to thank this year's volunteers who helped our staff by answering questions, selling merchandise, counting attendance arrivals, greeting fans and passing out programs. Thank you, 2016 KSFF volunteers!

Volunteer AZandra MyrickVolunteer BVolunteer CCake servers ACake servers BCake server Regan MurrayCake server Jeff RapsisPunch pourerServer Susan RapsisProgram distributor Susan RapsisCake line

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Meals on-the-go Even managers have to eat occssionally! Our thanks to Marj and Regan Murray and Bill Shaffer for arranging for meals, and thanks to Nancy Lawrence for making homemade desserts!

Jon, Susan, Jim and CarolBill, Enid and KarlKarl snaps photosKarl at corner boothLarry and EnidLarry and Enid 2
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