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This event is free and open to the public. The KSFF is underwritten by donations.
This program is subject to change:

Friday, Feb. 28, 2014

Begins: 7:00 p.m.

Overture by Jeff Rapsis
Welcome & Introductions by Denise Morrison, Film Historian

Double Feature:

Short: Felix in Hollywood (1923) Produced by Pat Sullivan
Felix meets the Hollywood "greats." — 9 min
Music by Rodney Sauer

Feature: Ella Cinders (1926) with Colleen Moore
The winning of a Hollywood star contest sends Ella to LA only to find out it was a scam. She perseveres with a little help including a nice cameo by Harry Langdon. 52 min.
Music by Marvin Faulwell

--Brief Break

Feature: Doubling for Romeo (1921) with Will Rogers
Slim Cody works in the movie industry, doubling for the performers. He has a dream in which he portrays Romeo in a movie version of "Romeo and Juliet," and arranges for someone to double for him when the fight scenes get scary. 60 min.
Music by Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra

Saturday - Mar. 1, 2014

Morning - starts at 10 a.m.

Overture by Jeff Rapsis
Welcome & Introductions by Denise Morrison, Film Historian

Focus: Early Animation

Short: Animation Compilation #2 (ca 1900) Animation by Blackton, Terry and Bray Studio
The Enchanted Drawing, Aesop's Fable, Hey Diddle Diddle + one other; early animation from pioneers Blackton, Terry and Bray Studio.
Music by Marvin Faulwell 10 min.

Short: The Adventures of Dollie (1908) with Gladys Egan
Purportedly D.W. Grittith's first film. This is action adventure and family drama as only Griffith could film it. — 12 min
Music by Music by Marvin Faulwell

Feature: The Patsy (1928) with Marion Davies
Charming comedy featuring Marion as something of a tomboy who falls for her older sister's beau.
Music by Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra 75 min.

--Lunch Break

Afternoon - starts at 1:30 p.m.

Overture by Rodney Sauer
Welcome & Introductions by Denise Morrison, Film Historian

Focus: Hollywood on Hollywood

Short: Modeling (1921) Animation by Max and Dave Fleischer
Koko the clown causes mischief for his animator and a sculptor.
Music by Marvin Faulwell 8 min.

Short: Bobby Bumps Puts a Beanery on the Bum (1918) Cartoon created by Earl Hurd
Based on the Buster Brown character, Bobby, and his dog, Fido. They have many adventures, usually getting both in touble. These films are Adorable with a capital "A."
Music by Rodney Sauer 5 min.

Short: Crazy to Act (1927) with Oliver Hardy
The only Mack Sennett film to feature Hardy; he plays a sugar daddy who wants to produce a movie of his young girlfriend. Unfortunately for him, she likes kissing her young co-star much better.
Music by Jeff Rapsis 20 min.

Feature: The Devil Horse (1926) with Rex the Wonder Horse
Fast-paced Western adventure co-starring Yakima Canutt.
Music by Jeff Rapsis — 54 min.

--Brief Break

Introductions by Denise Morrison, Film Historian

Short: Prehistoric Poultry (1917) Animation by Willis O'Brien
Stop motion animation from one of the best.
Music by Bob Keckeisen 10 min.

Feature: Souls For Sale (1926) with Eleanor Boardman and Richard Dix
A runaway bride hides out in Hollywood until she becomes a star; many cameos, co-stars Richard Dix.
Music by Marvin Faulwell 90 min.

--Dinner Break
5:15 p.m.: Supper Break — Program resuming at 7:30 p.m.

Special Dinner Event—
Our Sixth Annual
, 5:15-7:15 p.m.
Special Showing: 'Lost' Pickford Film
Served buffet-style$30/person [non-refundable]
Bradbury Thompson Alumni Ctr., Washburn University, Topeka, KS

Those interested in attending can make reservations by mail:
KSFF Cinema-Dinner
P.O. Box 2032
Topeka, Kansas 66601-2032

Mary PickfordThe Kansas Silent Film Festival's annual Cinema-Dinner will feature the screening of a 1911 Mary Pickford film that was found in a barn in New Hampshire recently, along with other films considered "lost."

The 10-minute comedy-drama stars Pickford and her first husband, Owen Moore as newlyweds having their first argument. The film is entitled THEIR FIRST MISUNDERSTANDING and it marked the first time Pickford was given screen credit for a film in the advertising materials. Before that, movie studios did not give actors credit in order to keep their wages low.

Carpenter Peter Massie made the discovery, along with six other vintage films, while he was tearing down the barn in 2006. He donated the films to Keene State College, where Professor Emeritus Larry Benaquist (who founded the College's film program) led the effort to identify and restore them with the assistance of the Library of Congress.

The first public showing in New Hampshire featured KSFF pianist Jeff Rapsis who arranged to bring the film to the KSFF Cinema Dinner on March 1st, 2014. Other films that were part of this rare find are scheduled to be previewed at the Cinema-Dinner where Mr. Rapsis will accompany them live on piano.

Tickets to this not-to-be-missed event are available for purchase by mail. The non-refundable price for the Cinema-Dinner is $30 per ticket, payable to Kansas Silent Film Festival. Mail your ticket request to: KSFF Cinema-Dinner P.O. Box 2032 Topeka, Kansas 66604-2032.

— Event is by reservation only. Contact us & reserve

Evening - starts at 7:30 p.m.

Overture by TBA
Welcome & Introductions by Denise Morrison, Film Historian

Focus: Charlie Chaplin - A Salute to the
Little Tramp's Centennial

Short: Charlie on the Windmill (1916) Animation by Movca Film
One of a series of cartoons based on the antics of Charlie Chaplin, this one includes cartoon versions of Fatty Arbuckle and Mabel Normand as well. 
Music by Jeff Rapsis 10 min.

Short: The Masquerader (1914) with Charlie Chaplin
Charlie Chaplin is thrown off the movie set for his prima-donna ways, and comes back in drag to get his revenge in this short Keystone comedy.
Music by Jeff Rapsis 12 min.

--Brief Break

Introduction by Lisa Stein Haven, Film Historian

Feature: Modern Times (1936) with Charlie Chaplin, Paulette Goddard
The Little Tramp faces industrialization.
— Music is film soundtrack 87 min.

Our Cast:

About Special Guest TBA:

Our special guest will be revealed here!

About Denise Morrison:

Denise MorrisonDenise Morrison is a film historian from Kansas City, Missouri, with a special focus on silent film. She is Director of Collections & Curatorial Services with Union Station in Kansas City, Missouri, and has been involved with the Kansas Silent Film Festival since the beginning. She was quite active with the Granada Theatre in Kansas City, Kansas, when they were showing a full schedule of silent movies. Denise will give an overview of the silent film era and also provide introductions to each film.

About Marvin Faulwell:

Dr. Marvin FaulwellDr. Marvin Faulwell is a retired dentist from Kansas City who is a very accomplished theatre organist. He has played for all of the previous five Silent Film Festivals and our "sister project," Silents in the Cathedral, held every Halloween at Grace Cathedral in Topeka. He has a large theatre organ in his home and also restores the instruments. He has appeared in concert and accompanied silent film programs in Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, and Minnesota and also accompanied many silent films shown at the Granada Theatre in Kansas City, Kansas.

About the Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra:

Mont Alto Motion Picture OrchestraThe Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra come from Boulder, Colorado, and has appeared at this festival since the third events, held in 1999. The orchestra consists of a piano, violin, cello, clarinet, and trumpet. They are quite active in their hometown and have appeared several times in California, at the Buster Keaton Celebration in Iola, Kansas (since 1998), and at the Telluride Film Festival in Colorado. They have made three CDs of salon music and silent film music. They have provided the music scores for numerous silent films on video and DVD including Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (1920), Blood and Sand (1922), and The Thief of Bagdad (1924) for Kino Video.

About Jeff Rapsis:

Jeff RapsisJeff Rapsis is a New Hampshire-based composer and musician who regularly accompanies silent film programs. His recent work includes a new piano score for the The Bells (1926) starring Lionel Barrymore, to be released by Reel Classic DVDs, and a new synthesizer score for the 1916 version of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, premiered last year at the Boston Sci-Fi Marathon. Upcoming live engagements include the Cinefest vintage film festival, held each March in Syracuse, N.Y. Jeff is associate publisher and co-owner of HippoPress, New Hampshire's largest weekly newspaper, and teaches communications at the University of New Hampshire. His first novel will be published in 2013 by Sophia Omni Press of New York. For more information on Jeff's silent film work, visit www.jeffrapsis.com.

About Bob Keckeisen:

Bob KeckeisenBob Keckeisen has been principal percussionist for the Topeka Symphony Orchestra since 1989. Bob has been delighting audiences recently at the Kansas Silent Film Festival by adding remarkable percussive music and sound effects to several films. Bob grew up in Wichita and studied percussion under J.C. Combs at Wichita State University. He obtained both his undergraduate and graduate degrees in history from WSU and moved to Topeka in 1982.
Bob is the director of the Kansas Museum of History in Topeka and frequently volunteers for KTWU Channel 11.

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