Academy Awards statuette2011 Festival schedule is printed on the back of t-shirts

Collage of movies shown at Kansas Silent Film Festival 2011

Held February 25, 26 & 27, 2011, at White Concert Hall on the Washburn University campus, Topeka, Kansas.

“The First Academy Awards®, 1927-28”


Fifteenth Annual Kansas Silent Film Festival

Event photos are provided courtesy of Larry Stendebach, Karl Mischler, Greg Foreman, Nicholas Eliopoulos, Carol Yoho.

Jeff Rapsis, musical talent, Manchester, NH:

Just a quick note to really and truly say thank you for all the effort that goes into organizing and presenting the silent film festival each year!

Susan and I both had a great time... I also enjoyed the chance to contribute some music to the festival. Thanks for this opportunity!

We really do enjoy every aspect of this annual event--the people, the location, the films, the food, the thrift-store shopping. People ask why it's worth attending, and I always say it's because the Kansas Silent Film Festival is a consistently great showcase for silent film to be seen the way it was intended to be seen: on film, on a big screen, with live music, and with a large audience.

Annette D'Agostino Lloyd, KSFF special guest, 2011:

What an honor it was for me to share last weekend with you good people. Thank you for having me and Harold at the party. I'll never forget your kindnesses!

Bob Gent, fan, Lawrence, KS:

Thanks! that was the most fun I've had since this time last year.

Paul D. Post, donor, Topeka, KS:

Another "home run."  Excellent program! 

David Shepard, film restoration specialist:

Thank you so much for allowing me to be part of the KSFF again this year.  By now, I have come to regard many Kansans as good friends with whom I love sharing my treasures.  And I get very little sense that people appreciate the films when I wait for news to trickle to Hat Creek, but it's awfully reassuring to see the great reception they receive at Washburn.
If you want me again, just whistle.

Jim Lane, blogger:

I have to say Saturday night's screening of 7th Heaven, a touching romance between a boastful Paris sewer worker (Charles Farrell) and a mistreated street waif (Janet Gaynor), was the highlight of the weekend for me. I'd seen it before, but this time was something above and beyond: the festival screened the personal print of film preservationist David Shepard (a special guest at the event, he also delivered a lecture to accompany screened samples from his new DVD collection Chaplin at Keystone). Shepard's print, in turn, was carefully and lovingly copied from Janet Gaynor's own personal print, and the exquisite tinting of the film was a revelation. 

Marge Heeney, donor, Topeka, KS:

So many reports from attendees attending the silents—good words. We did enjoy the dinner and the wonderful table talk.

Patty Ringgenberg, fan:

I enjoyed the Kansas Silent Film Fest!! You all did a great job and I can't wait to come back next year!

Marcy Tintera, fan, Lincoln, NE:

Thank you for another great weekend of films. There is just something about silent films that I just love. To the entire planning committee.....Thank you!!!!!!!!!! I'm grateful for
all who helped plan the 2011 silent film festival. Please, keep up the good work; your efforts are VERY MUCH appreciated.

Wilda Sandy, Prairie Village, KS:

Our warmest wishes to all who made the event possible, for 15 years!

Denise Morrison, KSFF hostess and commentator:

Adding Oscar in the mix made it a little more stressful this year. But worth it! Yes, we decided we'd always have Topeka and we parted yesterday afternoon.

Bill Shaffer, KSFF Fearless Leader:

I think it was a great weekend event,
perhaps our greatest ever!

I greatly appreciate the "award" of the "Mulatto Charlie Chaplin" bust from Jeff Rapsis and all of you. It means more to me than having the Oscar we had out front. I took it home and placed it on the mantle. It took quite a while before my wife noticed it and said (rather dismayed) "where did you get that?" I told her it was a "'major award"' and (as in A Christmas Story), I imagine she will drop it off the mantle at the earliest convenience! Still, I greatly appreciate it.

Brenda Culbertson, fan, Mayetta, KS:

Another good KSFF, Bill. Mike and I enjoyed it for the umpteenth year.

Larry Sangals, fan, Hutchinson, KS:

Bill, your attitude is so wonderful along with  your wonderful crew. We just love seeing you each year.

Gladys Grisell, fan:

Just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed the silent film festival. You did a good job selecting the films being shown. Hard to choose a favorite, but think it was Wings. Both of us really enjoyed it and it was a first for us. Also want to thank you for celebrating my birthday, and for the cake and candle.

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Special thanks to these major donors for help with the 2011 festival:
Washburn University




Work began on Thurs., Feb. 24, with the set-up of the audiorium and lobby spaces. Organ rehursals were a part. Staff gathered and worked together.

Setting up the lobby of White Concert Hall, Washburn University, Topeka, Kansas interior, White Concert Hall, set-up Enid made these new disiplay cut-outs.
Staff and special guests gather in White Concert Hall lobby, Friday afternoon. Conversation among staff and special guests
Silent Stars jewelry by Eryn Leedale Merwart
Felix the Cat wooden toy
Friday afternoon display caseDVDs made available for sale
Keaton money clip Harold Lloyd postcard

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1929 AMPAS Statuette visits Kansas

    Benjamin Glazer's Academy Award statuette was loaned from the Academy of Bottom engraving, Benjamin Glazer's Academy AwardMotion Picture Arts and Sciences, Los Angeles, CA.
    "Best Writing, Adaptation"
for 7th Heaven.
    Security was tight. Only Denise Morrison, a museum curator by profession, was allowed to handle the statuette—using gloves!
1929 Academy Award and 2011 15th Annual Kansas Silent Film Festival t-shirt Security guards supervised the installation of our guest visitor, the 1929 Benjamin Glaser Academy Award for Best Writing, Adaptation
Denise Morrison presents out borrowed Academy Award statuette to the press Denise explains about the presentation of this Academy Award in 1929. Jane shows the box in which the statuett was transported. Topeka media hone in for a close-up of Denise and the statuette.
Karl and Bill help Denise lower the top onto the display case. Karl Mischler makes  sure our display space is secure. Guests pose beside our honorary statuette. Close-up photo taken with a cell phone.
Enid and Larry Stendebach with royalty. Denise Morrison and Jane Bartholomew with royalty. Marvin and Mary Faulwell with royalty. Phil Figgs with royalty.
Nicholas Eliopoulos and Antonia -Toni- Carey with royalty. Nicholas Eliopoulos and Bill Shaffer with royalty. Carol Yoho with royalty. Statuette with poster for Mary Pickford documentary by Nicholas Eliopoulos

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Annette D'Agostino Lloyd talks with a fan Annette with Oscar Night 2011 poster.

Special Guests

Featured guest was Annette D'Agostino Lloyd , biographer of silent film comedian Harold Lloyd. She introduced Speedy on Fri. evening and also spoke at the Third Annual Cinema Dinner. Other guests included film restorationist David Shepard, who intorduced 7th Heaven on Sat. evening, and documentary filmmaker Nicholas Eliopoulos, documentary filmmaker, who shared the story of Charles "Buddy" Rogers (Kansas native) on Sun. afternoon.

David Shepard introduces 7th Heaven on Saturday night David Shepard chats with Jim Reid and Bruce Calvert Annette signs Oscar poster Annette signs copies of her book
Nick and AMPAS card Bill pins Nick Nick LOVES statue Annette introduces SPEEDY on Friday night.

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An array of incredible live music was provided by Marvin Faulwell, Greg Foreman, Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra, Bob Keckeisen, Jeff Rapsis and Phil Figgs. These muscians made our event memorable. Our thanks to all.

Bob Keckeisen and Rodney bow after playing for CHANG. Greg Foreman at the organ Jeff Rapsis takes a bow at piano Bob Keckeisen did percussion, with Marvin Faulwell on the organ, for Friday night's SPEEDY.
Phil Figgs plays piano for THE MAGICIAN, with Mutt and Jeff. Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra tune up. Greg Foreman accompanied THE LAST COMMAND with a rousing piano score. Marvin Faulwell and Greg Foreman share time at the concert hall organ.
Bob Keckeisen played percussion with Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra Mont Alto take a bow Marvin and Greg

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Lobby Activity

Punch and cookies were served during Saturday afternoon break. Bruce Calvert, in conversation Guests consider bidding in our silent auction. Guests shop for silent films on DVD.
Saturday afternoon break time. Annette D'Agostino Lloyd signs a copy of her new book about Harold Lloyd Gathering in the lobby.
Crowd enjoys free punch and cookies on Saturday afternoon. Admiring movie memorabilia. Lively discussion about movies being shown.

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    Wed., Feb. 23, high temperature was 60+ degrees. Thurs. we had a blizzard.
     On Fri. morning grounds crew and Lyle Waring (having climbed the orange ladder) helped dig us out.
    Weather continued "if-y" through the weekend, including pea-soup fog on Sunday afternoon.Squirrels didn't seem to mind. We had a nice crowd despite wintery weather.

Lyle Waring and grounds crew clean concert hall steps of snow on Friday afternoon. Squirrel doesn't mind snow.
Our hero, Lyle Waring. Just outside our lobby window Courtyard Evening lights the snow
K.C.I. boarding gate, Sunday, February 28, 2011K.C.I. Terminal C at flight timeFog has lifted by Sunday evening, but weather continues wet.

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Steadfast fans are our backbone of support, and their numbers grow yearly. We appreciate visits from as far away as Rhode Island, New Hampshire, California, Texas and Minnesota...and all points inbetween. Thanks go to all Kansas Silent Film Festival Fans!

Susan Rapsis, Larry Stendebach, and Jeff Rapsis Louise and Larry Jane, Annette and Denise
Charlie Chaplin poses with Keith and Mrs. Goering Larry Sangal and friends attend KSFF regularly. Cherrie, Jeff, Marvin, Mary and John
We LOVE seeing Chaplin look-alike. Joe Stein with Ollie and Stan. Cutting up with cut-outs.
Friends Jack Moselle, Sharon Vanbibber, Les Vanbibber, Freddie Brinkman, Helen White, and Kitty Brinkman attended Greg Foreman's performance of THE LAST COMMAND. Photos with Ollie and Stan. Lobby chat.

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Fans: Special Stories

Kate and fiance, Justin.

Story One:
    During our Sat. evening showing of 7th Heaven, a performace which helped Janet Gaynor win the Academy Award for" Best Actress," a wedding proposal and engagment were hatched in our audience.
    Kansas University student Kate Lorenz accepted a ring from Justin Runge of Lincoln, NE. Staff and friends celebrated with the happy couple in the concert hall lobby afterward.
    Congratulations, happy couple!

Bob and Jackie
Story Two:
     Husband and wife, Bob Cole & Jackie Gfellers, had planned to attend the Kansas Silent Film Festival in Feb., 2010, but a series of unfortunate life events made coming impossible.
   The couple ironed out concerns and were able to attend our 2011 event...mentioning that the trip and festival should be billed as their "highlight event of the year."
    Welcome, Bob & Jackie!
Nicholas Eliopoulos, Toni Carey and Nick Palazzo
Story Three:
     Husband and wife, Antonia (Toni) Carey and Nick Palazzo (shown at right in this photo with Nicholas Eliopoulos), are committed to silent movies and their restoration: They are friends of Kevin Brownlow. Nick met them at Telluride when his Mary Pickford  documentary premiered there in the summer of 2008. Their web site is TONICK Productions.
    Welcome, Toni & NIck!

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Bill with his Christmas Chapline necktie Rick Every, projectionist Larry, Denise and Karl Enid, in the thick of activity.
Jane announces silent auction winners from Saturday evening, onstage. Bill, Karl, Denise and Carol Rick and Lyle -- can't get along without them. Thanks, guys.
Rick Every Resting during a lull in lobby activity, Saturday afternoon. Ever-pleasant Phil Figgs Phil, with coat, tie and pin. Bill with his honorary Chaplin-ish Award.

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Nancy and Melanie Lawrence Hannah Figgs, __ and  __ Gil Bunning, maybe
Hannah Figgs laddles punch Kathryn Klausen or Yvonne Channel Richard Brown, great crowd counter Jim Rhodes, KSFF founder, chats with Rick Every Emergeny cookie volunteer.

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Third Annual Cinema Dinner

Third Annual Cinema Dinner
Each table had a projector centerpiece. Statuettes were door prizes. Annette D'Agostino Lloyd, after dinner speaker
Harold Lloyd cake. Annette draws names for door prizes.

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Marj Murray and _______, catering Afterglow Ragen Murray offers a twist of lime. Bill and Rodney sing HOT NUTS. Rodney and Phil share talents for playing and singing.
______ speaks with Brian