Twelfth Annual Kansas Silent Film Festival Leap Year, with Roscoe Arbuckle The Sinking of the Lusitania, by Winsor McCay The Big Parade, with John Gilbert and Renee Adoree A Harem Knight with Ben Turpin Leap Year, with Roscoe Arbuckle Dancing Mothers, with Alice Joyce, Clara Bow, Conway Tearle Clash of the Wolves, with Rin-Tin-Tin Only Me, with Lupino Lane The Sinking of the Lusitania, by Winsor McCay Bad Boy, with Charley Chase and Martha Sleeper The Kid Brother, with Harold Lloyd The Bond, with Charlie Chaplin, Syd Chaplin, Edna Purviance

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Our twelfth annual Kansas Silent Film Festival was fantastic!. Held February 22 & 23, 2008, at White Concert Hall on the Washburn University campus, Topeka, Kansas, the festival had guests from New York, New Jersey, California, Minnesota, Texas and points inbetween, seeing silent movies shown with live musical accompaniment. See our Program page for the festival's complete program. Visit our Notes page for specifics about the movies shown in 2007. Check out the photo archive, below, to the sights surrounding this fun event!

Friday preparation
Enid holds Larry's Diner t-shirt Brian arrives with Mont Alto David arrives with Mont Alto Marvin rehurses for Friday evening performanc Marvin Faulwell at the organ Marvin at the White Hall concert organ
Jim Rhodes, KSFF founder, enjoys Friday lunch Friday rest break Lyle Waring hangs KSFF banner at White Concert Hall Bill helps Lyle hang banner Lyle climbs down from the porch at White Concert Hall Programs await distribution
John Tibbetts in his Frankstein shoe Rick Every, KSFF projectionist Rick winds leader onto projection reel Rick and his 16mm projector Enid, Larry and Jane fill silent auction display case Karl delivers coffee to thirsty

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Friday evening
Rodney sets up to play piano for Friday evening performance David Porterfield provided flowers for the KSFF stage Moviegoers admire still photos and programs displayed by Bruce Calvert John and Jeff view auction items Jeff and Cherie Helm, couple at right, with movie-lover friends Our thanks to hostess volunteer Kathryn Klausen
Auditorium fills on Friday evening Audience look at programs as they wait for the opening curtain Welcome tables display handouts and purchasable items Auction display case, seen from above Evening crowd 1 Evening crowd 2
Greg Foreman plays overture for Friday evening performance Mont Alto members await cues The Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra, Feb. 22, 2008 Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra takes Friday evening curtain call Denise Morrison introduces Friday evening movies
Harold Lloyd faces danger Harold with Jobyna Ralston Harold up a tree Harold after his fall
The bad guy is distracted by a monkey wearing men's shoesHarold acts the heroThe Kid Brother, fade to black

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Silent film fans
Bill Shaffer Jeff & Susan Rapsis, visiting from New Hampshire Cookie Langberg, from Minnesota Saturday guests University students from Kansas University and Emporia State University University students pose with Carol Yoho
Kids came Saturday morning to enjoy comic shorts and Rin-Tin-Tin Guests eye donation box KSFF supporter June Windscheffel Relaxing between film showings Cherie and Jeff Helm John Kelso and Rick Every attend KSFF from Wichita Bob Keckeisen greets moviegoers in the lobby on Saturday night
John, Cookie and Keith Goering. Keith attended KSFF from Iola, KS Marvin Faulwell and Greg Foreman Lyle Waring 1 Lyle Waring 2 Lyle Waring 3 Lyle Waring 4 Saturday evening host Rick Huffman
Guest from below the wall, White Concert Hall lobby Our thanks to volunteers Saturday evening break Leaving the auditorium for a break Guests chat in the lobby

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Saturday films
Kids attend Rin-Tin-Tin movie with their own pets in tow Rin-Tin-Tin Desert scene, Clash of the Wolves Rinty with canteen Rinty helps his master Rinty rushes to help
Charley Chase helps at the steel mill Charley and his financee Charley as dancer Roscoe Arbuckle in drag Buster isn't afraid to smile in Coney Island
Roscoe at a serious moment in Leap Year Alice Joyce flirts in Dancing Mothers Mother and friend step out for the evening Daughter Clara Bow pours herself a drink Charlie Chaplin and Edna Purviance sell war bonds
John Gilbert learns about life in the Army Call to arms Doughboy on the run Renee Adoree says goodbye to her sweetheart as troops pull out Troops march on foot through the Argonne Forest France Gilbert in gas mask

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Appreciated assistance

Bert Lerma helps wife Barbara host KSFF staff needs throughout the festival Our Fearless Leader, Bill Shaffer, with projectionist Rick Every Enid and Larry Stendebach of Hannibel, MO; Jane Bartholomew of Overland Park, KS; and Karl  Mischler of New York City Denise and hostess Susie Berry Denise Morrison and Mary Faulwell of Kansas City area Greg and Melodie Foreman, on stage with Mary and Marvin Faulwell
Hospitality helpers Ragen Murray and Bob Webb Rick Huffman and Carol Yoho Paula Figgs and Phil Figgs Jane Bartholomew with Philip Figgs of Sabetha, KS Jane with KSFF founder Jim Rhodes Host Steve Weidner

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More fans
Saturday afternoon punch and cookies break 1 Saturday afternoon punch and cookies break 2 Saturday afternoon crowd takes a break Crowd on Saturday Film discussion
Movie lovers Bill Shaffer chats with Keith Goering Larry Stendebach of Hannibel, MO, with Bruce Calvert, up from Texas Checking her program Saturday p.m. reception Chatting about silent movies
The last of the punch Saturday afternoon punch and cookies break 3 Marilyn Schroeder glances at literature A close look at materials on display Cookie's fuzzy hat
Steve sells DVDs A salute from Rick Every Chatting at break Break time Mont Alto members take a break

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Saturday evening
Bob Keckeisen, Saturday evening Bob Keckeisen, Saturday evening 2 Bob Keckeisen, Saturday evening 3 Bob Keckeisen, Saturday evening 4 The pit Marvin is ready to perform, Saturday morning Marvin Faulwell takes his bow
KSFF supporters Joe and Nickie Stein and Mr. and Mrs. Paul Post Cookie reads short poetry from Felicia, These Fish Are Delicious Rodney and Brian take their bow after accompanying The Sinking of the Lusitania Greg Foreman is ready to accompany Charlie Chaplin in The Bond Marvin and Bob take their bow after playing for The Big Parade
Rodney plays piano for Saturday evening festival credits A final bow for our on-stage talent Denise is decked out for the Saturday evening performances Denise introduces films during Saturday morning festival
Artheme Swallows His Carinet Clarinet problems Jane announces silent auction winners Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra, Saturday evening performance Greg Foreman plays on Saturday evening Mont Alto Saturday evening curtain call

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Greg's photos —thanks, Greg!
Carol Yoho and Bill ShafferBill talks live at Friday's visit to public radio, KANUPhil, punch server, Karl Mischler
Marvin Faulwell and Greg Foreman play live with hostess Rachel Hunter on public radio KANU Greg and Melodie Foreman with Gwen Tucker and friends Carol, Bill, Denise, and Brian Rodney and Greg take the award for party music
Marvin and Mary Faulwell Melodie and Mary Charlie and Greg Hard, Laurel and Melodie

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Larry's photos —thanks, Larry!
Lobby rest time Rodney discusses musical accompaniment Karl and his camera Marvin, Greg and silent era sheet music Phil, Bill and Denise
Bruce, Larry and Enid Bill, Denise and rowdy Larry, Karl and Jane Cookie chats Dawn Kramer, Britt Swenson and Larry Stendebach
View behind the tables Silent auction selection Bruce Calvert's display More historical items on display

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Attendee comments about KSFF 2008:

    I did enjoy myself tremendously watching the great show you put on. I appreciate the long hours and hard work you all put in to make this a success each year.

    We had to cut out after the Big Parade just because, alas, an early start the next morning beckoned. The film was terrific and the music from Marvin and Bob the percussionist was thoroughly effective and at times very moving. They did a fantastic job, as did everyone.
    Very much appreciate your invite and yes, next year we'll have to make more of an effort to catch up in person. When we're there (during the festival) you guys are straight out and I hesitate to buttonhole you when you have so much to tend to. I had a nice chat with Rodney and Marvin prior to the Saturday evening screenings and we had fun swapping stories. Never thought I'd be doing so much music but here I am.
    The festival was once again well worth the visit. You guys always do a great job putting together a festival that recaptures a large measure of the lost glory of silent film. It's not just the films themselves, but the large theater, the sizeable crowds, the live music?they all work to bring the films to life in a way they were designed to be screened, and which is rarely achieved anywhere. The difference between seeing silent films on video and live at the Kansas Silent Film Festival is like the difference between seeing a giraffe at the zoo and a giraffe running wild in Africa.

WILDA AND HAL SANDY (Shawnee Mission, KS):
    Your 12th annual festival was the best ever.  Keep it up.  Thanks from Wilda and Hal Sandy.  

LARRY STENDEBACH (Comments & photos on Nitrateville):

BRUCE CALVERT (Festival review on Nitrateville):

SUZANNA HICKS (University of Arkansas):
    Thank you so much! The film festival was a smashing hit and we especially loved your surprise extras. Those were wonderful!!  I'm sorry I didn't chat with you more - I was a little shy and not sure what to say other than hello! But we loved it and are completely hooked. We have already made plans to attend the Buster Keaton event in Iola this September and the next KSFF in Topeka next February. And thanks to the great web site AND Netflix we are
slowly making our way through films that you've shown in the past that we missed. That's the best idea to keep it archived. What a gift to ongoing recruits! 

Read coverage of our event in the Topeka Capital-Journal
"Silents Mark War"

"Rin Tin Tin event offers all bite and no bark" 2/22/2008

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