Eleventh Annual Kansas Silent Film Festival Our eleventh annual Kansas Silent Film Festival was another rousing success. Held February 23 & 24, 2007, at White Concert Hall on the Washburn University campus, Topeka, Kansas, the festival had guests from around the region, the country, and at least one visitor who coordinated a trip to Kansas from overseas to see silent movies shown with live musical accompaniment. See our Program page for the festival's complete program. Visit our Notes page for specifics about the movies shown in 2007. Check out the photo archive, below, to the sights surrounding this fun event! MARK YOUR CALENDAR for February 22 & 23, 2008, our next KSFF. These events are free and open to the public.

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Special Guest, Harry Langdon, the nephew
Harry  and Jeanne Langdon of Kansas City Harry Langdon, nephew of comic actor Harry Langdon, introduces THE STRONG MAN starring Langdon
Harry, nephew, with photo of Harry, comic actor Harry Langdon meets audience members after film showing, Friday evening Bill Shaffer, Topeka, with Harry Langdon, Kansas City

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Festival Business
Friday evening lobby break Saturday morning movie crowd gathers Denise introduces Friday night short films, Bill Shaffer stands ready at DVD player
Saturday evening audience returns to White Concert Hall from short break stage decorations, KSFF 2007 Denise introduces Saturday evening feature movie
Saturday evening movie break, lobby space Movie goers enjoy memorabelia display, courtesy of Doug Moore, Kansas City Young movie goers enjoy media display, courtesy of Doug Moore, Kansas City Saturday evening break between reels of CHICAGO Friday evening, festival tables display handouts, donation box

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Beyond the Call: Lyle Waring
Lylie Waring goes beyond the call of duty as house manager and helps KSFF display their festival banner
Lyle 2
Lyle 6
Lyle 3 Lyle 4
Lyle 5

Lyle climbed up to post our banner.
Thank you, Lyle!
Lyle 7 Lyle 8

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Music Makers
Greg Foreman plays for Saturday afternoon feature Tol'able David Greg Foreman at the White Concert Hall organ
Marvin Fauwell at the White Concert Hall organ Marvin plays Saturday afternoon feature, Cyrano de Bergerac
Bob Keckeisen plays percussion from Friday evening's feature, THE STRONG MAN, starring Harry Langdon Marvin and Bob take their post-performance bows Greg Foreman at the White Concert Hall organ Organists Marvin Faulwell and Greg Foreman

Mont Alto
Motion Picture Orchestra

Friday evening bows after playing for short subject WHAT PRICE GOOFY? with Charley Chase
Friday rehearsal, the Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra
Dawn Kramer, trumpet and Brian Collins, clarinet Brett Swensen, violin, and Rodney Sauer, piano Darcy Harwood plays bass. rehearsing behind the screen Rehearsal
Mont Alto takes bow after playing for Mary Pickford's ROSITA Final Saturday night bows for all our fine musicians

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Classic Films

Harry Langdon in THE STRONG MAN
Laurel and Hardy, BIG BUSINESS
Harry Langdon in company of the strong man of movie's title Phyllis Haver plays Roxie Hart in Cecil B. DeMille's production of CHICAGO, Saturday evening feature Mary Pickford in ROSITA

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Silent Film Fans
______, Dan Lyberger of Lawrence, and Louise Langberg, St. Paul, MN Robert Eckhoff, Mary, Madeleine, and Mary Jilka of Liberty, MO Louise Langberg of St. Paul, MN, with Keith Goering, Iola, KS
______, Dan Lyberg of Lawrence, and Louise Langberg, St. Paul, MN 2 Marilyn Schroeder and Gail Horsley of Topeka, Barbara Lerma of Overbrook, KS
Sam Knecht, of Wichita, with Karl Mischler, New York City Donors Hal & Wilda Sandy, Kansas City Donors Nickie and Joseph Stein, Topeka, KS Jeff and Cherie Helm, Blue Springs, MO, with John Kelso of Wichita, KS

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Special Thanks for Assistance

Rick Every, 16 mm film projectionist Lyle Waring, White Concert Hall house manager
Special thanks
to our 16mm film projectionist,
Rick Every of Wichita and to White Concert Hall house manager Lyle Waring, Topeka. Our festival could not take place without the special help and talents of these two technicans.
Greg Foreman, Bruce Rogers, Harry Langdon, and Medolie Foreman of Kansas City Melodie Foreman flank friends Denise Morrison with Bruce and Veda Rogers, friends from Kansas City Carol Yoho stands by the KSFF logo she designed Donor June Windscheffel, Topeka
Hospitality by Jane Bartholomew, Overland Park, KS, Karl Mischler, New York City, and Jim Rhodes, Topeka, KS Family helps Phil Figgs, manager of festival volunteers Shayna Heahy, Highland, KS, and Rebecca Long of Topeka
Rodney Sauer of the Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra wears spats Donor Marge Heeney, Topeka, KS, also helps as a volunteer selling Mont Alto tee-shirts Jennifer Lara, Seneca,  KSFF volunteer Karl Mischler of New York City

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Greg's Photos —thanks, Greg!
Bill Shaffer sets up DVD projection Carol Yoho and Bill Shaffer find letters for KSFF sign Carol with sign Bill Shaffer and Carol Yoho go through some last minute programming details
Bill Shaffer on the grand piano Bill Shaffer on the grand piano 2 Left to right are Rodney Sauer, Bill Shaffer, Karl Mischler, Jane Bartholomew, Melodie Foreman and Mary Faulwell Marvin Faulwell, Bob Keckeisen and Greg Foreman, festival musicians
Jeanne and Harry Langdon of Kansas City Greg Foreman at the White Concert Hall organ Denise Morrison with Harry Langdon Denise Morrison introduces a Friday night short subject

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KSFF Board of Directors
Phil Figgs of Seneca, KS Denise Morrison, film historian, helps pick films and introduces all films Board member Marvin Fauwell with his wife, Mary
Board member Jane Bartholomew (center) with KSFF volunteers Barbara Lerma (left) and Karl Mischler (right) Carol Yoho poses with The Boys KSFF President Bill Shaffer with donor June Windscheffel, Topeka, KS

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Karl's Photos —thanks, Karl!

Live at KANU, Kansas Public Radio

Mont Alto perform live Mont Alto at KANU Live Recording Studio Recorded live at KANU Jane Bartholomew at the radio station

Musical Talent

Mont Alto at an altitude Greg Foreman and Marvin Faulwell at the organ Organ duet with percussion by Bob Keckeisen Greg at the organ keyboard

Tying off banner Gantner crowd
Denise Morrison introduces moviesBoard member Phil Figgs and his Figgs familyRodney hams it up in the lobby
Shaffer family is Sarah, Becky and BillLouise and KeithCarol Yoho, Bill Shaffer and Jim RhodesJim Rhodes greets movie lovers

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Attendee Comments about KSFF 2007:

JEFF RAPSIS ( Manchester, N.H. ):
Susan and I enjoyed the films and music and all of it as much as ever! Thanks again for organizing and staging this event - attendance (after eight years now) is a firmly entrenched ritual with us. Some folks have the Bahamas or Cozumel; we have Topeka in February.
... About this year: Langdon's "The Strong Man" was one of the best silent film experiences I've had. When Mary Brown started telling the kids about the soldier who won the war, it totally got to me and there was no turning back. Clean and bright print, a superb effort by Marvin F., just great throughout.

WILDA AND HAL SANDY (Shawnee Mission, KS):
Your program was one of the very best.  Thanks so much. 

PHIL FIGGS (Sebetha, KS):
It is great to work with all of you.  This is one of my favorite weekends of the year.  I think the whole activity was a TREMENDOUS SUCCESS!! 

Thanks for hosting us. You folks always treat us well! ... I thought the weekend went just fine

I thought the weekend went extraordinarily well; obviously we've been doing this a few years. Hope everyone got home safe and sound. Thanks, Bill, for the organizing. You're the greatest.

PAUL POST (Topeka, KS):
A big thanks to you and the festival board for an outstanding program this year.  I was watching the Academy Awards last night, and they mentioned that the 1927 version of "Chicago" was a film that the academy had restored just last year.
Keep up the good work, and I look forward to next year's festival.

DON BISHOP (Overland Park, KS):
My sweetheart Cathy and I enjoyed the festival, and offer our thanks to you and the other organizers and volunteers. The festival is a uniquely enjoyable event.

Promotional Media Coverage:
The Wind Won't Howl in "Chicago"
Live music, silents coming to Topeka

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