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2nd Annual Kansas Silent Film Festival, Topeka, KansasMarch 28, 1998
2nd Annual Festival
White Concert Hal,
Washburn University
Topeka, Kansas

The second year of the festival was formatted the same as the previous year--a full day of short and feature silent films, all accompanied on the organ by Marvin Faulwell except for the Douglas Fairbanks feature, The Mark of Zorro, which John Tibbetts once again agreed to introduce and accompany. From the beginning, our little committee learned from their mistakes. This year we did allow breaks for lunch and dinner. We also learned that our audience takes showtimes very seriously. After running late during our morning session, we came back from lunch to find a large and very unhappy crowd waiting impatiently for the showing of Fairbanks' Zorro. We also had a minor faux pas when our projectionist, John Vanhollebeke, pulled the wrong plug and turned off the projector showing Harold Lloyd's Safety Last. John's never been allowed to live it down since. The films shown our second year:

Life of An American Fireman (1903)
The Lost World (1925)
The Battle of Elderbush Gulch (1914)
Easy Street (1917)
Safety Last (1923)
Mark of Zorro (1920)
Liberty (1929)

Gertie the Dinosaur (1914)
The Battle (1911)
The Rink (1916)
Cops (1922)
Son of the Sheik (1926)
Heart of the Hills (1919)

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