Silents, October 27, 2027

20th Annual
Silents in the

Grace Cathedral
701 SW 8th St. - Topeka, KS

Friday, Oct. 27th, 2017
7:00 pm

Sponsored by
The Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library

with the cooperation of the
Kansas Silent Film Festival, Inc.

Free to the Public

Music by Dr. Marvin Faulwell
playing the Cathedral organ
with Bob Keckeisen - Percussion
Introductions by Denise Morrison

Short Subjects:
The Haunted House, Buster KeatonThe Haunted House

(1921) with Buster Keaton

  Keaton plays a teller at a successful bank. Unbeknownst to him, the manager at the bank and his gang are planning on pulling off a robbery and hiding in an old house which they have rigged up with booby traps and effects to make it appear to be haunted. After a mishap at the bank, Keaton flees and takes refuge in the old house; however, a troupe of actors from a theatre production are also in the house and are clad in their scary costumes (ghosts, skeletons etc) leading Keaton and the gang of robbers to believe the house actually is haunted.

Felix Switches Witches
(1927) animation with Felix the Cat

  Felix gets involved in some surreal Halloweenpranks, then visits a fortune-telling owl who foretells Felix Switches Witchesromance. But can Felix find the cat of his dreams on such a spooky night?
   Felix's origins remain disputed. Australian cartoonist/film entrepreneur Pat Sullivan, owner of the Felix character, claimed during his lifetime to be its creator. American animator Otto Messmer, Sullivan's lead animator, has also been credited as such. What is certain is that Felix emerged from Sullivan's studio, and cartoons featuring the character enjoyed success and popularity in the popular culture.

Saturday's Lesson, Our GangSaturday's Lesson
(1929) with Our Gang

  On Saturday, the gang wants to enjoy the day out of school. Farina has a dream of getting served by a butler. Unfortunately, their parents have other plans, saddling them with chores who warn them the Devil will get them if they don't obey. Farina has to beat carpets and Joe Cobb is stuck chopping wood. Sisters Mary Ann and Jean have to wash dishes while their brothers Harry and Wheezer must clean up their yard. hey laugh at their parent's warnings, but a man dressed as the Devil to promote Mephisto Heaters overhears them. Deciding to scare them into obeying their parents, he chases all the kids back home, warning he'll be back every Saturday if they don't obey.

Noferatu, directed by F.W. MurnauNosferatu: A Symphony of Horror

(1922) directed by F.W. Murnau, starring Max Schreck

  A truly spooky and influential horror film, Nosferatu was highly influenced by Bram Stoker's novel Dracula. Stoker's widow, Florence, sued the German producers and the lawsuit has haunted the film's history. The screenplay was altered to defer from copyright concerns and again altered for its 1929 American release.
   Probably the most memorable and chilling aspect of the film is Max Schreck's portrayal of the monster. Also, Murnau, the film's director, employed a meager budget to great effect in making Nosferatu a horror classic.
Nosferatu's demise


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Set-up, Fri. morning
Melanie greets volunteers from the pulpitWorkers put together and raised the movie screen at the frontMorning light in cathedral windowslong carpetEast windowWest windowChurch's organ and some pipes

Welcome & Introductions

Sun sets before eventHandouts from the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library, plus promotion of February 2018 Kansas Silent Film FestivalCrowd gathersDr. Marvin Faulwell and Bob Keckeisen settle to start live musical accompanimentSteve Lipscomb, pastor, welcoming attendees to Grace CathedralWelcome by Brian Adams, of Topeka and Shawnee County Public LibraryDenise Morrison introduces first film

Movie Bits

Heaven's gate, The Haunted HouseDescent to Hell, The Haunted HouseNosferatu A

Audience breaks for intermissionBob Keckeisen at his percussion equipmentDr. Marvin Faulwell at the organ keyboard

Nosferatu concludes

Nosferatu BNosferatu C

Bill Shaffer accepts congratulationsBill Shaffer talks with audience member A
Bill Shaffer talks with audience member BBrian and Melanie strip tape from the floorChatting after the eventBob Keckeisen and Dr. Marvin Faulwell
Audience begins to disperse

Our 20th Annual event had good attendance. The sanctuary was full, with extra seating moved in. Our thanks to all who attended!

Photos of our 2017 event are by Carol Yoho